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When Carnival Meets Emancipation is Itah Sadu's compact and interactive production that answers the question "What is Carnival?" While many Canadians gather annually for Caribana, few know the true meaning behind these celebrations and the importance of this history. 

Itah's ability to draw an audience in with her expressive and emotional storytelling, as well as her extended history with children's literature solidifies that she is the most perfect individual to take this play across the country. 

When Carnival Meets Emancipation is being developed to easily travel from coast-to-coast-to-coast so that it can be presented in venues both traditional and non-traditional such as school auditoriums, museums, hotel lobbies, cultural centres, banks, libraries, parks, community centres, and more. We will have a French script available for use upon development. 

The CBHP team has engaged steel pan musician, composer, and educator, Joy Lapps-Lewis, to compose the accompanying music to the play. 

Stay tuned to this space for updates!

Meet The Team

Itah Sadu


Joy Lapps-Lewis


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